About us

Pearl Plastics is a leading specialist in design, construction and rotational casting of plastic. We have 20 years experience in this field. We manufacture a wide range of products such as moulded furniture, household items, kitchen containers, fancy articles, garden planters and flower pots, at competitive rates makes it one of the most sought after names in the Plastic Industry .


Company Profile

we Pearl Plastics are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting plastic molding, plastic moulded products such as moulded furniture, household items, kitchen containers, fancy articles, garden planters and flower pots,etc. Over the years, we will establish ourselves in the global market and at present, we are one of the most reliable name in the industry.

Being an honest and dedicated company, we intent to reach new heights by manufacturing best quality products. Pearl Plastics is located at Champanoor , Angamaly South Post office in Ernakulam district.

Our Objective


Our objective to ensure the satisfaction of our customers needs, requirements and expectations. In doing so we take the customer’s requirements as the criterion for the consistency of the Quality Management System and the manufacturing system of Pearl Plastics, from the design and the correct setup of the commercial solution up to and including serial production and delivery to the customer. The use of the right technologies and the purposeful qualification of the staff ensure customer-adequate quality and cost positions.

Our Team


Our average employee seniority is more than 10 years, with several over 15 years, and a few at 20+ years of service. Our employees are truly the key to the success of Pearl Plastics and we value their contributions and efforts experienced, knowledgeable, creative and passionate about meeting the needs of our customers as a team. The Management Team consists Professional and experienced members, we clearly understand your needs, and most importantly, have the desire and ability to deliver.

Quality Policy


We are one of the most promising industries in India, which has contributed tremendously in boosting the economy of the country. We shall focus on satisfying the customer’s needs, requirements and expectations. Our customer’s expectations and requirements relating to quality are normative for our activity and we shall do our best to ensure our customers are satisfied with the product we deliver.